Sweet Spot Digital Solutions is just right. We’re reasonably priced and we really know our stuff. We care about each and every client and deliver expert results with friendly, professional service. Finally, real value meets cutting edge practices to solve your online problems.

Ethical Industry Experts

We were cutting our teeth on web design and development in the early 2000s and learned and grew with the industry as almost everything about it changed. These days, a website has to look good not just on computers, but also on tablets and phones. It website has to be secure because attacks are more sophisticated than ever before. It has to be fast, it has to be found easily, and it has to stand out from the crowd. And it has to connect to social media and the rest of the online world, because if you want your audience, customers, or clients to find you, you have to meet them where they’re at.

The web industry may have changed over time, but a few things haven’t. People still deserve to know what they’re getting for their money. They deserve a solid product that meets expectations for a fair price. And they need to understand their web presence big-picture, including what to expect down the road and what options will get them there.

As DIY web platforms gain traction, many business owners create their own sites, only to find it’s not as easy as promised, or as cheap, or they can’t get the search engine rankings they want. Or they hire a large firm for a significant investment, but never feel like they’re the priority, or understand exactly what they’re paying for or why.

A web developer should never leave you in the dark.

You should be empowered by your online presence, not overwhelmed.

Sweet Spot Digital Solutions, previously Custom Websites, was created to help small and mid-size businesses and nonprofits identify and reach their online goals within a budget. We have a strong set of values for every client, no matter how big or small: you should be empowered by your online presence, not overwhelmed. You deserve to know how the pieces of your website, Search Engine Optimization strategy, and social media presence fit together.  You should control how much you spend and feel good–really good–about what you get for that investment.

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