Why your business has to respond to COVID-19

Over the last few months, like most of us, many of my clients felt unsure about what to say to customers regarding the pandemic. Some had personal beliefs and opinions about the right course of action that complicated their response. Some worried that mentioning it would drive customers away. And some knew budgets were especially tight… assuming they could make it through this at all.

Clear, consistent communication always wins

The clients who fared worst during this time chose to stay silent. Almost across the board, web traffic jumped as people explored what was still open, available, and how places of business were responding. When users (potential customers) landed on a site without an obvious COVID-19 update, they noped right out of there, leaving websites in under 15 seconds.

On the other hand, clients who frequently let clients know how they were responding over multiple media channels (website, social media, Google my Business updates) as things changed saw increases not only in traffic and resulting contact and sales but also in engagement with social media. As they connected with their customers, they built relationships and followings that show no sign of flagging. Don’t miss this opportunity!

Provide certainty where you can

Customers want to know what to expect and what they can count on, especially when things are are difficult. When businesses stretched thin might struggle to put new policies and procedures in place, or choose to forgo changes altogether, lean on your web and social media rep to get your message out to your people. These kinds of updates shouldn’t be costly and will be worth the time staff can spend to keep things running.

Connect now for more business later

While this time is ripe with challenges, it’s also a powerful opportunity to connect with your customers as people and build lasting, loyal relationships. Consumers are increasingly spending based on values, and this is an important time to share what makes your company tick, including how you care for the health and safety of your customers and clients.

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